Use Your Industry Experience To Create a Phenomenal Uber For X App

These days you will come across a lot of vocabulary based around the Uber concept. Words like “just like Uber”, or “just like Airbnb”. Now we have an Uber for X where X takes the name of industry that is using the app. So it could be Uber for doctors, uber for security personnel etc.

As time goes by you will be hearing more Uber for Xs’ startups coming up everywhere because this on demand business model has become very popular and is expanding quickly, as it starts being adopte by many sectors.

uber for x

Many people believe that to start up an on demand business you need to be tech savvy. However that is not the case. In fact, if you are from an industry “X”, then you have an upper hand as you already have the knowledge on how your industry works.

Are you one of those who are in an industry and are weary of modernizing it because you are no technical know how? Worry not. Here we discuss how you can use your industry experience to create an Uber for X or on demand app that is better and successful.


With the rising popularity of Uber like apps, many software companies have sprung up too, providing white labeled solutions that can easily be customized for the various industries that want to us it. This is ideal for anyone who is new to a specific industry.

Even though the general model is the same, i.e. client requests a service/product, and the service provider provides it, the problems start arising because every industry has their own way of working.  Therefore it is important to get your app customized according to your industry requirements, taking care to ensure that the client pain points are addressed, therefore making it popular amongst them. This will ensure that your business rises above the rest. Knowing your industry in and out will go a long way to ensure that your app is customized exactly according to its requirements, and that no detail is overlooked.


Before embarking on any new venture, it is important that a through and detailed market research has been conducted. This should be done even before you approach any developer. Questions that should from part of your research include:

  • Who is your target audience? What age category do they fall under?
  • What is their location?
  • What interests do they have?
  • What would they like to see being improved in your business?
  • What sort of promotions is popular with them?
  • What platform do they have on their smart phones? Do they have Android, IoS on their phones? They may even be partial to Blackberries.

This data can be obtained directly from your website or email list if you are already an operational industry. Apart from providing valuable analytics, they will also give you answers to all your questions, thus providing guidance for further research if required.


Every business has to pay the price for acquiring new customers. This price includes things like marketing costs as well as the time spent in helping drive app downloads and other conversions that are crucial for the success of your business.

Expecting your business to start raking in the money as soon as you launch the app is very unrealistic, especially in today’s highly competitive app market. It is even more difficult of you are a new start up. However, as a veteran in your business field, you already have a large number of customers who trust you and are interested in the smart service that you intend to offer. You are therefore saved the extra expense of customer acquisition. All you need to do is talk to your existing customers and use them and their network to promote your business and start getting them to download the app.


If you want a strong foundation for your business, do not overlook the important element of partnerships. If you are in the business of providing a professional service, like hairdressing, your industry expertise along with your relationship with other professionals will give you a heads up for trust building and bringing new clients on board. You can also use your relationship with vendors or suppliers as they might want to become sponsors, or who will also benefit from your target market.

It is therefore a good idea to use your working relationships, and other online connections as well as trade show contacts to explore a relationship that is beneficial to all.


Content marketing is actually creating unique and outstanding content for your clients, both existing and potential via social media sites such as Facebook, and whatsapp, blog posts, or other content such as eBooks, infographics and whitepaper. It is important to build trust for your brand and this can only be done when customers can see whether you are addressing their needs or not.

Since you are the expert in your industry, you can use your knowledge and experience on what your clients want or their problems, and create content that addresses these issues. This will help in establishing your app as a solution that they will embrace.

As an industry expert you are at the right place to take your business forward, but for that you also need a right technology partner, that will help you make your business successful and take you to the top.

If you have a great idea for Uber for X then you need to get your research done and then approach a development company so that they can get you set up and running so that  you can give your customers an efficient service.

The Fast track to success in a Taxi Business – Uber App for iPhone and Android

A few months ago, there was news in The Guardian newspaper that 28,000 private cars were off the road in 3 years and as the time passes by more and more cars would be put off the roads. These were cars that were the part of car sharing service. The research further explains that each car used for one-way sharing can eliminate at least 11 cars from congesting the streets. The same would help in reducing the greenhouse gas emission.

Uber App for iPhone and Android

We all are aware that more and more people are adopting the sharing economy due to various reasons and in many countries around the world, many car owners have started getting rid of their personal cars and are moving towards ridesharing and on-demand taxi services. With the increasing drive to control pollution and carbon emission, strict norms are being laid by the governments all around the world and developed countries are the ones under strict watch.

As per the current scenario, it is expected that services like Uber and other on-demand services by clone making companies are going to excel in terms of service and financial growth. The Uber App for iPhone and Android is a new way of doing taxi business. The old way of booking taxi stands no more in existence, fast and smart ways have been invented and are used by everyone in full swing. They are much more convenient and far safe than the old taxi business.

The reason why Uber apps are considered as a fast track to success:

  • Easy to adapt the nature of business for anyone, may it be the owner who has purchased the app, driver who will drive the car and the passenger who will take the ride
  • Fastest ever startup, I mean the business can be started in just 2days time.
  • Quick earning potential as soon as the app is installed
  • Fully automated system making the work and information flow as fast as never expected
  • Easy to operate modules with easy user-friendly interface
  • Automated Online payment system
  • History of records help to connect to the client
  • Quick notifications
  • Can be connected to social network
  • App transformation to any on-demand app as per clients requirement
  • One business gives rise to the other, I mean the same app can be used as a WHITE LABELLED PRODUCT
  • Technical features like Google mapping make the process convenient and faster.
  • The single app can be used at multiple locations whether domestic or international.

The above-mentioned features are good enough to explain and understand that the Uber App for iPhone and Android is definitely the way ahead.  The fastest business to start, no pre-checks or prior preparations, just tap the app and see things moving from the owner’s point of view i.e. the business, from the driver’s point of view i.e. the income and from the passenger point of view i.e. that quick and comfortable taxi ride that arrived in a matter of minutes. Invest in the fastest growing taxi business of the era, with the help of the fastest iPhone Android App Clone.

How to make the Uber like App Development work for You

Uber is a brand, an industry and a phenomenal concept that has changed the way we travel today. However, have we ever wondered what has made it so successful? Is it the unique technology, or the way it works, or a combination of both?

Every time you open the newspapers, or surf the internet or even go out you will definitely come across Uber or read about how various businesses are springing up everywhere using uber like app development for their business.

Uber like app development

From a layman’s point of view, it does make you wonder how these startups are succeeding. Well, they must be because these days there is an Uber for everything, leave alone taxis. Let’s actually look at it from a potential entrepreneur’s point of view. If you are thinking of venturing into an Uber-like startup then you need to check out what Uber is and how it is making money for its owners. If it can make money for them, then surely this technology can make money for you too.


Uber is actually a smartphone app that connects passengers to drivers. Initially, it was begun as a taxi service, but today you can use its technology for almost any service you require. However, let’s talk about the original Uber because that is what we are all familiar with.

The drivers register on the app and use their own cars whilst driving for Uber. For every fare that the driver gets, Uber takes a percentage cut.


Now let us look at each entity in this trio of operations for that seamlessly synchronised ride. The Uber package is actually a set of three, the driver app for the driver, the passenger app for the rider and the admin panel for Uber. Let’s see how they work individually and with each other to provide that best riding experience that Uber is branded for.


Anyone who has a driving license can apply to drive with Uber. Any normal person like me and you can drive for Uber. However, there is a strict screening process to make sure all your papers are in order before you can start picking up fares. Once you clear the screening process you will be registered by the admin on the system and you can start driving for Uber once you download the driver app, and activate it after registration. As a driver, you receive a regular income whilst driving at the time of your choice.


Anyone who requires a taxi at short notice needs to download and register on the passenger version of the app. They can now search for taxis using their smartphones as all taxis in the nearby vicinity will show up on their screen. Once their fare is confirmed, the passenger can communicate with the driver as well as track the cab as it makes its way to the pickup point. Riders prefer this way of booking a taxi because they get their ride when they want it; it can be booked in the comfort of their homes at short notice and is economical on the pocket too. Let’s not forget the comfort of the ride too.


Uber gets approximately 20% of the cut of the fare from every driver. That is their commission for the facilitating and managing the service.


The admin or Uber is actually responsible for how much revenue is generated from every ride. Let’s look at how they maximize their earning potential.

  • A percentage of the trip fare, which is a combination of the waiting time, travel time, distance and any taxes, if applicable
  • Uber also have different modes of transportation, apart from taxis that they can earn from. This includes helicopters, bikes, jets, bike taxis, and cars.
  • Uber is available in many countries in the world. In some countries, it has customized rides for kids, senior citizens, ladies etc. Uber charges different rates whenever they provide these services.
  • Surge pricing – This is one very big source of income for Uber. Here the principal of supply and demand is applied to maximize their potential. Whenever there are fewer taxis and the demand for them is high, the price is hiked up. Instances like Christmas Day, public holidays, early morning or late evening rush hours are ideal for surge pricing, and Uber makes the most of these times.
  • Drivers pay a listing fee when they register to drive for Uber. Another nice little earner for the company.


Coming back to what I started with, now that you know where the money is, you too can start your own on-demand business of a service of your choice or maybe just do what Uber is doing. All you need is an Uber like app development from a reputed company and start making your millions. It’s as easy as that. These apps are not even that expensive. Do your research and you will find that there are some very good deals for these apps where you get good customer service, a reasonably priced app and a load of free services too. Take that first step to being the next Uber.

Have a Taxi Startup that Beats All

The golden rule of any successful business is to beat the best. It is, therefore, important that you research well into the concept and identify areas where you can beat the rest of the competition so that you not only stand out and beat the competition but also become very successful in your venture.

So how to you go about being unique? Be different. Look at what each and every taxi business is doing and do exactly the opposite. Sounds scary? Not at all. In fact, by deviating from the normal you will definitely stand out.

Uber Taxi App

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Things to Consider before Launching Your Own Taxi Services like UBER

The youth these days would rather use an app to hail a taxi than go via the traditional way of standing by the roadside and hailing one or looking up a cab firm in the yellow pages.

It’s not only the youth that is changing the way they want to travel. More and more people across the world are doing away with cars and looking for greener and cost effective ways of traveling.  Instead of spending large amounts of money on car maintenance, fuel costs, and other costs like parking and toll charges, they are opting to use taxi services like uber for their commuting needs.

Taxi Service like Uber

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Changing The Way of Cleaning Cars With On Demand App for Car Spa

Uber is one of the most popular apps used for taxi booking all over the world. It has gained a huge customer base by charging reasonable rates for quality services. Diversifying into other aspects now, Uber brings you an on-demand app for car spa! Not only can you hire a taxi with Uber, now, you can also get your vehicle sparkling clean with Uber iOS for a car wash. Yes! Uber is launching a car wash service for the iOS platform soon.

On Demand Car Wash

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Uber Taxi App – The Ideal Formula to be The Next Uber

The world is moving at a horrendous pace, with everyone wanting fast results, wanting things quickly, including wanting to be the next Uber or another similar start up quickly. Everyone wants to be valued at the $50 billion mark that Uber has that too quickly. This is the carrot that everyone wants to take a bite of. They think that if Uber is estimated to be worth $50 billion, they can achieve the same too by building a similar Uber taxi app and be successful too.  However the truth is far from that. There is a lot to any start up other than a unique idea and a ready market.

Taxi app clone

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Taxi Booking App – A complete Uber Clone for Drivers and Riders

The on demand taxi trend has moved in leaps and bounds since the concept of Uber. Nowadays Uber is just in a long list of on demand taxi apps. Although it is still a recognized brand, there are many taxi apps that have sprung up locally in a bid to give both the riders and drivers the best riding experience.  One such app that is making a global mark is Cubetaxi, a taxi booking app that works on the same technology and concept as Uber. It is a complete solution that consists of a driver app, the rider app and a web based admin panel which allows the owner to monitor and manage the complete riding activity of both the drivers and the passengers.

taxi app

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Save time and effort by using the smart and trendy Uber for Doctors

Uber has been in the top notch list when one talks about cab solutions. But what if we tell you, Uber no more offers ‘just’ cab services but brings in a number of solutions at your doorstep? Yes you have read it right. Uber understands how critical it gets when the matter is related to health. When a person is sick and there is no vehicle available, it becomes even more of a tensed situation as the family members begin to worry about reaching to the doctor/hospital on time for check up and treatment. Keeping this in mind, Uber has come up with an exclusive service – Uber for doctors.

Uber for Doctors

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